Dressini - Beetroot and roasted garlic
Dressini - Fragrant turmeric and ginger
Dressini - Herbs and roasted garlic
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Delicious, healthy & versatile dairy-free dressings

Hello I’m Philipp and I develop easy to follow vegan recipes for my blog Exceedinglyvegan.com.

While I was looking for delicious creamy condiments and dressings I realised tahini is the ideal dairy-replacement with its texture, taste and high calcium content.

So I want to bring tahini to a wider audience and show how people can easily prepare delicious dishes without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

3 delicious dressings
Together with my team, we created a range of 3 tahini based dressings that anyone will love, vegans and non vegans.

With your help we can bring these amazing dressings to life and eventually make them accessible to everyone in the supermarkets aisles!

Philipp Ertl - Exceedingly vegan

VEGAN & High in calcium

Vibrant beetroot & garlic

Vibrant beetroot & roasted garlic

Fragrant turmeric & ginger

Fragrant turmeric & ginger

Herbs & garlic

Herbs & roasted garlic

The smoothness of the tahini, enhanced with only natural ingredients, these dressings can boost any meal.


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